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Unlikely Connection

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Simiar to the last post, I've also had an unlikely encounter with a famous perosn. While visiting New York City, my friends and I all went to see Newsies on Broadway. During intermission we all went into the lobby to buy refreshments and shirts with the Newsies logo on it. After spending a fortune on useless souvenirs, we began to ascend the staircase back to our seats. As I began walking, I saw this mysterious, red haired man looking right at me. He looked extremely farmilar, but I couldn't remember how I knew him. Then as our eyes were locked, I remembered that he was on one of my favorite television shows. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he knew that I figured out who he was. He looked terrified that I would somehow make a scene. He was with his daughter and I could imagine that he didn't want a bunch of middle school aged girls fawning over him in public. This humanly connection with a celebrity was a new experience for me and gave me a greater persepctive into the life of someone whom I idolize.