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This class has been my favortie class this entire semester. I truly looked forward to the discussions especially when there was a reading that I didn't quite understand. The people in my class helped a lot with my growth as an intellectual as well as you, Anne, and I felt like I wouldn't have grown as much as I did without this class. As far as myself, I feel like I've grown a lot. My writing in the beginning was a bit rough, I wasnt throughly formulating my ideas, wasn't putting a thesis, etc. I would say the whole thesis process is still a task that I haven completely accomplished, but I do believe that my writing as a whole has grown. I'm becoming a little bit more aware of my repetitiveness when I write and I try to stop that as much as possible. Also, I'm more aware of how my writing is very conversational and not very analytical as well as not up to the "Bryn Mawr standard" so I am working to get myslef there. I have had a great time in this class and will really miss being in this class!