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Journey of the Laptops: hp 15 TouchSmart & Macbook Air

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Alisha Clark

Farida Ilboudo

Esem: Changing Our Story

Jody Cohen

The Proposal

Journey of the Laptops: hp 15 TouchSmart & Macbook Air

  • Introduction

    Over the years, technology has been groundbreaking. Recent innovations have been released that could possibly change the world. However, these original gadgets have become so addictive, that people have became more depending on their personal gadgets. Ranging from smartphones to laptops-- too much exposure can harm human health and in Today’s times, it is almost impossible to find anyone without the latest gadget in the palm of their hand. But, what happens when it’s time to dispose a gadget?  

  • Why

     We decided to devote ten weeks to tracking this process. But, more specifically, Farida and I, Alisha, decided to focus on laptops. Having a laptop is essential for every college student. It is everyone’s top priority before enrolling. Although the advancement of technologies has been overall positive for both science and our economy, no one really knows what happens to our beloved electronic gadgets when it comes time for an upgrade. But before we discover what happens when its time for an upgrade, we would like to go back to the beginning:

  1. Where are the laptops made?

  2. Where do the specific piece(s) come from?

  3. How are they manufactured?

  4. Where do they go before they are put together to create the specific laptops we each own?

  5. Who creates them?

  6. What kind of lives do they lead?

  7. How can we relate to them?

We will also like to discover the process both laptops go through to be approved and shipped to stores for sales. We both own two different brands of laptops; a Macbook Air and a hp laptop. A Macbook Air is a line ofMacintosh ultraportable notebook computers fromApple Inc. While an hp laptop is a product of Hewlett-Packard (also known as HP).

  • Procedure

     In order to investigate our laptops, we will first do our own individual research on our specific brands of laptop. Alisha and I, Farida, will first begin by investigating every essential piece that went into created our individual laptops. We will go back to the start and from there we will follow the steps that Apple and hp took in order to create our laptops. We will follow the movement of each individual piece and also try to investigate the people who created or worked on the piece. Finally after following the steps that led to the creation and production of the Macbook Air and hp 15 touchsmart, we follow our products journey from the factory to the store and from the store to our homes. We will also follow the journey of the laptops once it leaves ours homes.