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Short Posting #14

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I feel that there are several places that I could go with the results of my project with Delilah.  Primarily, I'd like to talk to the Health and Counseling Center about what happened when Delilah and I called several times to schedule an interview and our calls were not returned.  We feel that this oversight may have left a gap in our data that would have been helpful if filled.  Additionally I'd like to consider sharing the information we gathered from our survey with the Health and Counseling Center, if they would be willing to set up a meeting with us.  Although it is obvious that this information does not encompass or speak for all of the students at BMC, we feel that it is still pertinent.  Also I would like to consider talking to Pensby Center staff about why they think that LGBTQIA+ students feel more comfortable discussing how their identities affect any mental illnesses they may have with them instead of with the Health and Counseling Center.

The scope of the presentations we saw covered several different contact zones.  To me, the most interesting contact zones that were discussed involved the LGBTQIA+ community and authorities such as the Administration of the college.