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Short Posting #1

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My avatar is a photograph I took on my iPhone this April.  On that particular day, my boyfriend and I decided to take my dog, Muggles, for a walk.  We walked into the woods and under oak branches dripping from the morning's bout of rain.  Muggles, who hates walking on damp ground, cautiously stepped through the dew-drenched grass.  My boyfriend and I watched and laughed at the pitiful expression on the pudgy pooch's mug as he snuffed around.  We casually discussed what we should have for dinner, and once we had decided, I tugged Muggles' leash so that he would begin walking home with us.  He didn't budge.  Annoyed, I turned to him but softened when I saw what he was so intently focused on; a single yellow daffodil, which had sprung up from the muddy earth much earlier than usual.  Muggles was sniffing the flower with gusto.  I thought to myself that, truly, all animals are empiricists - we all live through our senses.  It is through our empirical experiences that we perceive the world around us and learn.  When we step into a puddle of mud, we learn the feeling of discomfort.  We learn gravity from seeing raindrops fall from tree branches.  When we see a daffodil in the midst of April we learn that everything grows at its own pace.  The serendipity of a situation shows us pleasure.  Standing there under the leaking canopy, I decided to take a picture to preserve this moment.  It serves as empirical evidence that in the world's mess of overwhelming sensations, sometimes the littlest surprises deliver us the most joy.