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Response to slipping

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The title of Emily's essay helped me to think about what slipping into something more comfortable means. When I hear that phrase in the context of speaking politically, I interpreted it in this way: finding other words that are more comfortable, which in the end cover up the same thing that other words are also saying. I think it's okay to slip and to accidentally mis-speak, and I think this paper is implying that our expectations of others can't be so high that they will never ever misspeak; the implication is that when one does misspeak, they own up to the mistake and the "slip".

I noticed heat with the word 'greet'. Because this word describes the way someone encounters racism, it seems more like a daily encounter because a greeting is something that happens often and by many people thorughout the day - but a greeting is typically welcomed. In this context, it seems like the presence of a confederate flag is welcomed, although I understand why the word is used. It is showing how often racism occurs, how casual it can be, and how it is not as hidden as people would expect.