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Hurting others is hurting ourselves

Hurting others is hurting ourselves

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There are someting I agree and disagree with the post written by changing18. "Americans are more divided than ever on issues that stem from hatred against one another. Man against man. I don't see a quick answer to big changes people are willing to make from their comfortable lifestyles" I don't see the sign of hatred there in the book, I see people against each other but they are all stem from their own benefits, so nobdy is the single one to blame while nobody is innoncent. It's true that people are willing to stay in their comfortable lifestyles, and that's true inside and outside the book--if the fire hasn't reach me, why should I lift the water basket? Just like the president in the book that he doesn't care what his later generation would suffer because he's gonna die that time. How selfish and how cruel. There's a particular sentence that really strikes me , "But if we set fire to our own house, who wins?" The answer is nobody. The book is a warning to us that we are all ultimately gonna be a single unit. All the animals, humans and the environment, because we share the earth. Hurting other is hurting youself.

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