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"The enviroment"

First of I would like to say that my choice of place was absolutely gorgeous, regardless of the cold. Being that we were discussing the natural world and a futuristic destruction, I felt that it would be wise for the class to experience a domain that exposes the interconnection of human and natural. It also was interesting in context to literature that we had been assigned to analysis. The novel while fictional brought up questions about the interplay between human produced pollution and the inevitable demise of the globe. "The Collapse of Western Civilization" outline a historal fictious demise and showed the ways in which humans had failed to protect Earth through economic persute, denial, and disregard. This is why it was important to me to be outside of a human invention (a building) and to be integrated with the outdoors. The reality of the novel, while fiction, is not far off from the reality future generations will be living if the current human race does not take dramatic precaustions to avoid pollution and resource exploitation. One of the most important points brought up in the discussion was who is "WE" and who is "THEM." The location in my opinion had an affect on the converstation because it is always easy for people to say it those people who are doing it wrong, self reflection is rare. Being outside of the comfort of a insilated room, we were given a different perspective. What if the problem is us? Personally, I haven't physically melted any icecaps but have my actions. To say THEM would be naive, but would saying WE be aswell. WE alienates me, and if WE are doing it then it must not be my fault. Don't get me wrong, there is something in unity and with a universal desire for sustainablitiy there would definitly be progressive change but our nation lacks that desire. People still deny the facts that the world is selve sacrificing. So who is WE and how does this WE reexamine the need it has for a world on which to live.