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UCD Teaching and Learning's Assessment Resources

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UCD Teaching and Learning is a program out of University College Dublin focused on providing resources to enhance teaching and learning using evidence-based methods. Essentially, hard data-driven research as much as possible to design, implement, and evaluate their resources. Blended learning is not their major concern, but the Resources section of their website offers some solid, web-based resources and tools, particularly with regard to assessment. The resources are broken up into topic areas phrased as questions, such as "How do you Assess Student Learning?". Each question is answered with a synopsis of best practices, supplemented throughout by graphics, links to further reading, UCD's evidence-driven studies, and explanations of terms. Each section ends with a list of references, and some also include links to "printable resources," a series of PDFs providing the evidence from which their best practices were derived. For more information, the "Showcase" section of the site also includes video segments and audio podcasts on a range of subjects, including assessment. Keep in mind, however, that the site is intended primarily as a resource to UCD faculty. While many of the resources are applicable regardless some - the "Answers to some Common Assessment Questions" page and sections pertaining to "UCD levels" in particular - are too focused on UCD policies and pramming to be usefully adapted to other users.


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