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SALG - Student Assessment of their Learning Gains

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The SALG website is a free online tool for evaluating and analyzing student learning. The concept is pretty simple - that standard SALG survey looks a lot like a traditional course evaluation form. The site suggests two ways of measuring student learning: first, by setting up surveys which measure gains goal by goal. To get the most out of this survey, SALG also recommends using a baseline survey to test  students' knowledge coming into the course so you can differentiate between what students already knew and what they learned in class.

The site uses a simple wizard to set up the surveys. However, you can also upload student data from Excel and CSV files to match up responses with identifying data. SALG also has administrative uses. Department heads can, like professors, add faculty data. They can designate questions from course surveys to which they wish to receive the answers and analyze the responses, both from a particular course and from the department. Department heads can also set up survey templates for faculty to use, and delegate assessment-creation and analysis tasks to individuals.