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Mid-Semester Evaluation

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Reflecting on the semester so far, I’ve found the content and direction of the course to be inspiring and encompassing of many different mindsets and creative processes. The balance of literature, online media, lecture, and discussion allow us to approach evolution and trace its many tangents from different angles. I most enjoy the pace and give-and-take of lectures so far, because this allows for the generation of thought and consideration within the classroom, and there are many times during class where I find myself struck by a new idea, questioning previous beliefs, or feeling re-affirmed in present values.

As an English major, I’ve appreciated viewing evolution in light of both biology and literature and celebrating the science of stories and stories of science. It’s been rewarding to see students of both science and the humanities come together in classroom discussion and to hear their perspectives on the subject directly and indirectly as they tie in to outside concepts and sources. At times I’ve felt a strong delineation between “science” and “non-science” perspectives, and wondered if this separation is useful, or merely protective and/or subjective. If it is useful, then I am unclear as to how so? Perhaps that will become clear as the class continues its discussions and steps outside of the biological foundations we began on.

 Overall, I’m very much enjoying this course, from the over-arching themes of stories, creation, agency, engagement, etc….to the small details that strike us daily, such as skyhooks and slang, past cultural beliefs, memes, etc…. 


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