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Thoughts on Persepolis

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Reading both volumes of Persepolis was refreshing.  I did not enjoy "A Game of You" and was not looking forward to diving into another graphic novel so soon, but once I began reading I was pleasantly surprised.

One of my favorite elements of the illustrations was that they were in black and white.  It was far less distracting from the reading when compared to the business of the images in "A Game of You," and I think jrlewis had a really good point in class when she brought up how the images reflected Satrapi's black and white thinking as a child.  

Although I enjoyed the first Persepolis more than the second (all the relationship drama on top of the absolutely horrible continuing story of a girl separated from her family because of war started to affect me a lot more in the second volume, but not in a negative way.  I guess I got really sensitive to it, but that shows how great a writer and illustrator Satrapi is, so there's good and bad), I really did think that both were great and I would highly recommend them to anyone who, like me, is new to reading graphic novels.


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