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online arguments

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In reading jo(e)'s blog entry and the comments it elicited, I noticed the dynamics of an argument throughout a couple posts, with one I'd like to elaborate on.  The first comment following the blog entry has rather agressive echoes, where the author invokes his point of view's rightness as opposed to everyone else's way of thinking.  Dr. K has an opinion.  And it's the correct one.

He first disparages texting and the internet, preferring face-to-face communication.  The example he uses to illustrate the "richer" in-person contact opposite the "broad and trivial" text technology is his allegory of the time he climbed Thunderhead Mountain.  At this point, he violently interjects with his statement of "my view was earned and his wasn't" when referring to the driver standing next to him on the mountain's summit.  This off-putting declaration caught me off-guard, and I quickly read to the end of the entry, glad to be done with the nasty post.


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