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halfway gone

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this class surprised me, having been in a class with anne last semester, i was expecting something similar to the gender studies class i was in. needless to say, this class was not it. and having seen that, i was reminded, once again of how much of the class is in our hands - anne lets us structure each class, theres no flow on thoughts, ideas or even ways in which to express them. and so, each class is invariably different, and i love it.

the one thing i find lacking is the amount our discussions challenge me - not to say that they're boring or dull, they make me think, but theyre not the 'walk in and capture all the attention in my mind' kind of conversations. this might be because we're not yet comfortable with each other, and are still self editing. and although that is completely understandable and legitimate, i would encourage people to step past their thought boundaries simply because in this class we can, and we only have half the semester remaining.


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