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Geeky Mom FTW

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After reading through the other posts, it seems that I was the only one who thoroughly enjoyed reading the Geeky Mom blog, hence my "FTW" (for the win).  The blog is similar to other blogs that I read on a regular basis, such as Margaret and Helen.  Geeky Mom spends the bulk of her time discussing topics I enjoy learning more about or I'm also interested in.  Specifically, I bookmarked most of the recipes she shares with her readers and thinking about which ones I can share with my family when I graduate.

I also enjoyed the discussions about World of Warcraft.  Not because I play WoW, which I don't, but because I do spend my own fair share of time playing The Sims 3.  It was interesting to read about how another adult, who has far more responsibilities than I have, still managed to balance her time and engage in the activities she enjoys.  As someone who recently spent an entire weekend playing the Sims and only quit because it crashed, it gives me hope that I can one day balance my time more efficiently.

I thought the style of writing was conversational, the way you'd call up a friend and tell him/her about your day.  Though there's less room for replying, it's appears to be based more in the blog style than in a lack of trying from Geeky Mom.  Of course, personally, I tend not to comment and to be one of those lurkers we talk about in class.


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