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Evaluating Literary Kinds

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 I think it is safe to say that the majority of us are aware that this class is unlike anything we've been given an opportunity to study before. Personally, at first I was a bit leery of studying blogs. I mean, for one I have never been a blogger myself and I didn't quite understand the culture that came along with it--I simply thought it was a past-time that some enjoyed. However, this class has taught me that there is more to blogging than meets the eye;I have learned that blogs in a less conventional way can possibly be considered a genre. This class has forced me to think in terms outside of what my high school education taught me to do, and I loved that I was encouraged to explore topics and forge my own lines of thought. I also find the classroom discussions to be incredibly productive, mostly because of this ability to harness everyone's unique thoughts and observations. My only suggestion for this course would be to keep doing what we are doing because I think everything that we have done thus far has turned education into a conversational masterpiece!


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