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K-16 Collaborations 2007: Participants

Paul Grobstein's picture

Minisymposium 2007 on K-16 Collaborations



Participant List


Darla Attardi BMC fac/staff
Syreeta Bennett K12 educator
Victoria Brown K12 educator
Angela Bryant K12 educator
Alison Cook-Sather BMC fac/staff
Anne Dalke BMC fac/staff
John Daugherty Haverford fac/staff
Heather Fetting BMC student
Wil Franklin BMC fac/staff
Natsu Fukui BMC student
Paul Grobstein BMC fac/staff
Rosemary Krygowski K12 educator
Alice Lesnick BMC fac/staff
Jack Marine K12 educator
Mary Ellen McGinnity K12 educator
Ian Morton Haverford student
Patricia Mundy K12 educator
Diane O'Fee-Powers K12 educator
Maeve O'Hara BMC student
Maggie Powers BMC student
Betsy Reese BMC fac/staff
Catherine Riihimaki BMC fac/staff
Jessica Scheick BMC student
Rita Stevens K12 educator
Jane Weber Haverford student
Dora Wong Haverford fac/staff
Rebecca Woodruff BMC student
Ben Zerante K12 educator


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