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Translating Feminist Theory into Feminist Politics

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During the fall semester of 2013 I will be pusuing Praxis III course at Bryn Mawr College that integrates my internship at a local women's issues non-profit with an academic investigation of how feminist theory informs and can become feminist politics, organizing, and policy.  The course aims to be an exploration of the political embodiment of feminist theory and ideals.  Using my organization's more traditional advocacy methods in addition to its commitment to feminist issues as a quasi-case stud, my work aims to develop a greater understanding of how practical methods and the reality of various institutional structures and dynamics can be - or already are - reconciled with feminist ideals.

I spent the summer of 2013 interning full-time at WOMEN'S WAY; but this Praxis III constitutes a shift in direction as I am able to spend less time actually with the organization, but in turn I have now begun to use my time there in such a way that it far more significantly impacts my academic interests and goals.  As such, in addition to writing weekly responses to each week's time spent at work, I will be reading a variety of works that relate to the broader course topic and/or are related to any questions or reactions I may have had that week.   

This course is possible through the Praxis program established by Bryn Mawr's Civic Engagement Office.  In addition, my work is done under the academic advisement of Professor Anne Dalke; this space will in large part be utilized to facilitate more regular communication and feedback between us regarding both my field work and reading.