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Fieldnotes 4/12

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New Spring term this week. (still working with Ms. A and Ms. B)

4-6 yr olds with Ms. B


New boy, E (now there are two boys in the class)

E and A (girl) go to school together

E seems relaxed, gets to drawing in sketchbook right away, talks with other kids, tells me his full first name, but he goes by the shortened version

Today: Matisse Fishbowl paintings (sketch). Mixed Media, pink paint table and background, tempera paint patterns, tank, etc. Paper leaves and flowers, red tissue paper flowers in background

More planned out than usual, Ms. B mentions to me, I agree, comment that’s especially good for the first day. (she laughs, jokingly offended by my comment…)

Paint for the first half, then wash up

Story and snack: Ms. B reads while I clean up

E doesn’t want to sit during story time (he doesn’t have a snack), seems comfortable (happy?) standing for this time

After story, go to gallery. New show of animal art

Play I Spy (introduce to Eli, he asks and makes sure that everyone gets a chance)

Rather overexcited in the gallery, larger class, moving around a lot, not slowly, hiding things behind pedestals

Back to rom, add paper and tissue paper to paintings. When finished, kids go into other room to play (as usual) Some don’t feel like playing, stay and draw in sketchbooks. One doesn’t want to play or draw, seemed content to sit with us while others drew. 

When parents arrives, youngest girl in class at 4, S’s mom asked where she was, I went to get her from the other room, peeked in and saw no one…door was closed, but I went around from the hallway, no one…her mom watching me whole time, I try and remain calm and relaxed in front of her (she seems relaxed, too) because they often play and hide. Finally I remember to check the walk-in closet and there they were. I was really embarrassed and rather ashamed that we weren’t keeping a closer eye on them. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with Ms. B’s approach to the end of class (no plan to keep them occupied if finish early) but until now I hadn’t been this bothered