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Fieldnotes 2/28

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Two year olds with Ms. A

Color: Green

Ms. A giving me more responsibility, suggesting I do gluing demos, give out materials, work more closely with kids and moms/gmas

Only 2 pairs today: S and mom B, B and gma E

O worked closely with S and B, while Ms. A was with B and E

Ms. A gave each child a tupperware with green beads, yellow squares and a green pompom. asked them to shake the tupperware, then try to open it.

S: with encouragement, was able to open (practicing dexterous skills)

B: couldn't do it, gave to Gma to open.

S: lined up all beads one-by-one, really taking her time, 

Today she was not wanting much help from her mother. Kept asking her to sit farther away. She seemed happy to have me close. Mother mentioned S going through phase of wanting Dad for some things, mom for others. Learning more independence?

Ms. A gave out pipe cleaners, encouraged them to bead onto the pipe-cleaners. 

B: Happy to do it

S: didn't want to continued  to line up her beads.


B could not sit still, ran around table over and over and over

Ms. A suggested that E let her run herself tired, rather than scold her.

S did not want to leave at the end of class time