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Fieldnotes 2/21 (2nd class)

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After school art class 4:15-5:15pm

I arrive at 4:22 (coming straight from BMC, which Ms. A is okay with, because she is thankful for the help)

8 students present (ages 6, 6, 7, 6, 6, 5, 7)

(sketch of table, students names, seats)

Clay Turtles: example turtle, components (shell, head, 4 legs/feet, tail), demo, then back to spots at table

T and R: brothers. T is very talkative

Demo: "this is the time in the class when everyone has to listen really carefully, and watch really carefully." 1 ball of clay, break in half. 1st half smush (sketch), press over crumpled newspaper, shell! (sketch). Clay tools, v special, v careful. Score the shell: a little "x" for each spot, dip fingers in water, get the shell a little wet, not super wet, just wet enough. 2nd half: break into 6 pieces, big head, medium legs, small tail

I was really happy that Ms. A asked me to join in her helping the after school class. She clearly appreciated having another adult in the room (and I appreciate being useful) but also she must have valued my presence in her clasroom. 

The afternoon class was definitely a more hands-on class that wanted/required more adult attention.

Splitting the class between the two of us meant that we could work more closely with each student and give EACH one more attention than they would have received otherwise. 

This class is with older studnets and therefore they are wokring on more challenging projects and learning to work more independently.