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Literary Kinds: Checklist

Anne Dalke's picture

Checklist to Include in
Your Final Portfolio

Literary Kinds:
Thinking Through Genre,
From Blogs to...?

Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2010

Anne Dalke

# of classes missed  
Amount of class participation
(scale of 1-5)
# of weekly web postings (1-10)  
PLUS 2 class summaries  
PLUS on-line responses to your
classmates' curriculum
proposals (1-2)
# of 4-pp. papers submitted
on-line on time (1-3)
1 final project (12 pp. essay or
equivalent) posted on-line on time
# of writing conferences (1-2)  
final in-class presentation of
your learning, and posted
write up about it (yes/no)
2-3 pp. self-evaluation (yes/no)  
complete portfolio (yes/no)