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Notes Towards Day 22: William James: Getting Here from There

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Anne's notes from today's discussion

I. coursekeeping

for Monday, read Gertrude Stein, "Objects." Tender Buttons. 1914, now on-line w/; if you're having trouble/want help figuring out WHY you are reading this, please also check out Dana Cairns Watson's 2005 essay, "Modifying the Mind: William James and Tender Buttons."

read also Jacques Barzun's Prologue and "The Genius," from his
1983 A Stroll with William James;  available via password @

On Wednesday, we'll look @ some major excerpts from the 2001 book
Paul Jefferson told you you had to buy,
Louis Menand's The Metaphysical Club:
A Story of Ideas in America
, also available via password @

Heads up that your 4 pp. paper reflecting on
William James and you is due by 5 p.m next Friday, Apr. 23;
am happy to confer, but don't require it...

okay! for today: attending to difference, w/ help from
William James, John Dewey, Richard Rorty, Paul Grobstein ...
Getting Here from There

Anne's notes from today's discussion