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Notes Towards Our Teach-In! (Sun, Dec. 11)

7-9 p.m. in the English House Lecture Hall

I. pizza and soda (7-7:30)

II. teaching one another what we've learned

Kamila, Jordan (7:30-7:40)

Ellen, Sam (7:40-7:50)

Shannon, Serena (7:50-8:00)

Sarah, Jomaira (8:00-8:10)

Morgan, Elissa, Jia (8:10-8:20)

Nancy, Hayley, Jillian (8:20-8:30)

Rae, Jacqueline, Mfon, Chandrea (8:30-8:40)

Amy, Genesis, Sophia, Laura, Pan (8:40-8:50)

 Tanya, Meg, Samyuktha, Michaela, Jess (8:50-9:00)

III. thanks to all for coming, thinking, talking, writing, acting, collaborating, making together!