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Notes Towards Day 15 (Tues, Oct. 25): Rooms of Our Own

I. Welcoming Jen Rajchel (BMC English '11, now the Digital Initiatives Intern).

II. Ten minutes of course-keeping and "life"!

For Thursday, read  6 short pieces, all available on the internet:
Jan Trembley. Chasing Academic Elitism: I did not "know myself." 2011.

Nicole Gervasio. The Uglier Side of Paradise. 2009. Postscript, 2011.
-----. Balancing the Pay Scales for Student Employees. The Bi-College News. April 17, 2005.
-----. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Really? The Bi-College News. July 24, 2008.
-----. Perspectives: Working at College. The Bi-College News. March 1, 2009.    

Florence Goff and Karen Tidmarsh, Examining Our History: Inclusion/Exclusion at Bryn Mawr. Making Sense of Diversity: A Series of Friday Noon Conversations at Bryn Mawr College. November 18, 2005.
--be sure to follow the links to their power point presentation and M.Carey Thomas quotes

and watch Women of Summer

5 p.m. Friday night (Oct. 28): for writing assignment # 8, find a space on campus that is meaningful to you. Take one or several photos while you are there, and use them to develop a claim about how space relates to/informs/structures/illuminates class and education.

8 p.m.
Sunday night (Oct. 30): in our on-line forum, make TWO postings:
1) of your image, along with a brief description of why you chose it and what you see in it
(we'll give short tutorials then on how to upload images on Serendip)
2) in response to our on-going dialogue w/ Parkway students.

III. Jen inviting us to reflect on "the economics of space"!

can space designed for one use be claimed/reclaimed for other purposes??

IV. Women of Summer

V. Invitation into the Greenfield Archive (w/ Serendip as a warm-up!)


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