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Storytelling as Inquiry: Class Roster

Storytelling as Inquiry

Fall 2007 Course Roster

Anne Dalke   Paul Grobstein
Corey Arterian   Masha Davidson
Briana Bellamy   Erin Doppelhauer
Olivia Coplan   Hope Fillingim
Audra Fannon   Jillian Forde
Allison Fink   Riki Gifford-Ferguson
Madi Houff   Anne Kauth
Alison (Al) Keefe   Antonia Kerle
Elisa Landaverde   Hilary McGown
Rachel Lubitz   Catrina Mueller
Alison (Alie) Mouratis   Nancy Muntz
Joo Park   Danielle Pan
Meredith Tuohey   Hannah Payne
Christa Wusinich   Allyson Schmieder
Yuna Yang   Ashton Shaffer

--with assistance from Sheena Hayden-Reed,
(Mentor in Bryn Mawr's Teaching and Learning Initiative)