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Sign-up sheet for "Setting the Scene"

Tues, March 13 S.Yaeger and Amophrast
Thurs, March 15 bluebox and meowwalex
Tues, March 20 pejordan
Thurs, March 22 epeck and dchin
Tues, March 27 sara.gladwin and aybala50
Thurs, March 29 FrigginSushi
Tues, Apr. 3 Colleen Ryanne and hwink
Thurs, Apr. 5 MC and mbeale
Tues, Apr. 10 sekang and melal
Thurs, Apr. 12 rayj
Tues, Apr. 17 (wo)m'n
Thurs, Apr. 19 jdsisco and michelle.lee
Tues, Apr. 24 abertolino and buffalo


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