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NBS Senior Seminar Paper Assignment

Senior Seminar in Neural and Behavioral Sciences
Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges
Spring 2008


Final Paper Assignment

Each student should individually write a summary, discussion, and reflection on your presentation topic, incorporating thoughts that emerged during class and on-line conversation. The paper should be a well-organized and thoughtful essay suitable for a general audience. It will appear on the web together with other course materials as a contribution to public discussion. The paper should include

  • key background information that you and your presentation partner(s) used to develop your topic (including the assigned articles and any other material utilized to build your presentation)
  • a description of the central questions that shaped your preparation for class discussion of this topic
  • a summary and reflection on the central themes of class discussion, based both on in-class comments and on-line postings
  • suggestions of critical future directions for this topic/area of research

Papers are due the last day of classes, Friday, May 2, at 5 pm. They should be submitted by email to both Grobstein and Morris in the form of a 5-7 page double spaced Word document. They should also be submitted electronically as a blog entry in Serendip's exchange. To do this

  1. Make a new version of your Word document, saving it with a new title as "text only"
  2. Sign in to Serendip's exchange with your password and user name
  3. Go to "My blog"
  4. Click on "Post a new blog entry"
  5. Enter the title of your paper
  6. Select NBS Senior Seminar from the "student webpaper" list
  7. Select relevant topics from the topics list and/or add your own in the next entry window.
  8. Copy and paste the body of the "text only" version of your web paper into the "Body" window (do not include your title or name). Click "Preview" to see how it will look. Edit your paper for formatting directly in the "Body" window. Be sure paragraphs are separated by a blank line. Additional editing can be done using the icons in the grey bar above your text or by clicking "disable rich text" and working directly in html.
  9. When your paper looks as you want it to, click "Submit".


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