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the conversations we had in class today really appealed to me. two concepts/ideas/comments really stood out in my mind and i find myself still playing with them.

one was a question anne asked about how we feel about ending a lit class with a television series. i honestly loved it. i think that our class, throughout the semester has constantly been challenging and pushing boundaries and that this was a perfect way to end it. television is a genre and its one that people are begining to connect with more and more. and critically assessing a series both as a genre and as a show itself was a process i greatly enjoyed, i dont think it took away from watching the show itself but in fact added to it, because now i wasnt watching the show just to watch it, i wanted to see what was happening, which was refreshing.

another one was when someone mentioned that house uses his dreams/hallucinations to trigger reality. this one thought and its implications and possibilities have been playing on my mind all day... i dont think i have anything substantial yet though, so im going to wait till the buzz in my mind turns to coherent thought.


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