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Flying Fish

How do flying fish fly?


What makes flying fish so special?


            As a kid, I was always enchanted by flying fish.  They seemed so wrong in the world – fish, that live and breathe and eat and breed in water, flying in the sky like birds.  For years, I didn’t think flying fish actually existed.  But I began to believe, little by little, and now have decided to base my final web paper on these magnificent creatures.  Where exactly do they live?  What exactly do they look like?  How exactly do they live?  Why exactly do they fly?

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The Dracula of Hormones: Melatonin

In the U.S. alone, over half of adults have trouble sleeping at least a few days a week (1). Trouble sleeping, also called insomnia, can be found in mainly two different forms. Mild insomnia (insomnia only lasting for a week or two) is most likely caused by sadness or anxiety. Chronic insomnia can be a result of depression or other psychiatric illnesses. More and more in the last decade, insomnia sufferers have been turning to the hormone melatonin for relief.

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