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Are All Scars Equal?

Moira Nadal

Web Paper 2

Biology 103

Fall 2006

Are All Scars Equal?

We usually do not take the time to think about scars. We may admire a distinctive one from time-to-time or try to cover up ones on our faces. We see that they are different shapes and sizes but do not always give thought as to why that it so. I never paid much attention to scars until I recently acquired one, much darker and more pronounced than any others on my body. I then wondered, apart from being much older, why were the others lighter, and either long and thin or puckered. If they are all scars why do those look like that and this new one is dark, red, sensitive and protrudes? So what are scars and why are they all different?

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Veganism: What is it, and is it nutritionally healthy?

Many things that people take for granted, such as butter, milk, honey, cheese and gummy snacks are off-limits to Vegans. Even things like some multi-vitamins use animal by-products in their processing or composition. Vegans, for several reasons, will not use or eat anything that comes from an animal. This differs from less strict forms of Vegetarianism which allow for the consumption of all things mentioned above. Veganism as defined by Wikipedia: "Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle that avoids using animals and animal products for food, clothing and other purposes"[1]. These life choices are often times controversial and seen as somewhat radical. Many people do not know exactly what is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism. It has also been debated for several years whether or not this lifestyle is nutritionally sound. This paper seeks to explore some different aspects of veganism and help to further a discussion on the health of a Vegan way of life.

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