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Cross-Visitation field notes, 3/6


March 6th, 2013


Ms. Gander’s class – 5th grade music


I arrived for my visit with fairly few expectations, feeling open.  I knew I'd be with 5th graders (a new age group for me) and that we'd be doing music, and that was about it.  We jumped right in: the class entered, and Jim, my classmate, led them in an initial name game. The children went around in a circle and said their name along with a gesture (a swoop of the arm, a snap, jumping into in “x” shape, etc.).  Momentum built as they went around the circle; laughter bubbled up as the kids (obviously very comfortable with each other) shared nick-names, made gestures more active, and generally had a good time with it.


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Field Journal - first 2 posts

Dave Strecker Harris

ED311 – Cohen


Field Journal

I will be working primarily with three student, José, age 8, Daniel, age 8, and Elena, age 11 at MENTIRA, a Hispanic community center in Norristown.





8 years old

Birthday = June 5th, 2004



Luis – 4th grade


            Jose and I work on his homework, the task in front of us.  In reality, we were taking in first impressions of each other.  I saw shyness in him, but also an unshakable confidence in his work: today was math. 

            Sometimes he won’t show me his answers as he works, but there’s a slight twinkle of mischief in his eye that makes me think he has a soft heart.  I feel he pushes me away somewhat, not physically but with his body language.  I start to feel I’m coming across too strong. 

            He completes an addition exercise involving adding hundreds (e.g. 292+388).  He whizzes through them almost boastfully; when I note that one of his answers is incorrect (of the 30, so he got 29/30 correct at a very fast pace), he seems surprised but unfazed.

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