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Blended Learning Resources

Interactive chemistry, biology and physics simulations developed by the University of Colorado at Boulder for use in high school and college courses.

Science education has become a major focus for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and they have sponsored the development of open, computer-based educational resources for a range of audiences. This collection covers a range of biological topics and includes lectures, animations and video, interactive tutorials and a series of virtual labs.

Concord Consortium is a STEM educational research and development organization based in Massachusetts. The site has links to research on education involving many different types of technology from iPads to probes, as well as open-source interactive simulations that they have developed and Molecular Workbench, open-source interactive software that allows you to create your own simulations.

Aims to be a clearinghouse for digital materials in science and math. Differs from many other sites in that it catalogs materials a number of different ways: subject matter, educational level, anticipated use of material (i.e., review). As an example, they have concept maps that illustrate interaction between scientific concepts and list material in library related to each concept.

Spicynodes is particularly useful in the sciences as a concept-mapping tool. It allows presentations to incorporate interactivity, animation, and radial mapping. Accounts are free, and presentations can be shared and worked on collaboratively.