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Writing and "Future Life": Notes Towards Day 15 (Thurs, Feb. 16)

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I. (2:25-2:30, Anne): coursekeeping

Last conferences today w/ Anne: 3:45 with Farida, 4:15 with Angela in my office

By midnight tonight:
post your fourth reflection on our reading and discussion

By midnight on Sunday: post a reflection on your fourth site visit

By midnight on Mon: your 5-pp. "Web Event" #1, on The Politics of Literacy, is due;
if you can't make the deadline, SEND US BOTH AN E-MAIL

The one you meet with is the one who will read your paper;
we'll switch up next month...last paper, we'll both read.

Next week, we are shifting our focus from
the general literacy questions we've been looking @,
as we move from school back into prison

For next Tuesday's class, you have two reading assignments to help with this move:
Erica Meiners' chapter on "Surveillance and the Management of Outlaw Emotions,” from her 2007 book, Right to Be Hostile: Schools, Prisons, and the Making of Public Enemies; and

Anna Plemons, Preface and first Chapter ("Getting Inside") of Anna Plemons' 2014 dissertation, Lingering Coloniality: Considering the Epistemic and Structural  (Im)Possibilities of University-Sponsored Prison Writing Programs,

Y'day we ended class thanking you for your frank, good responses to our chapter on being in prison.
We also offered you that text, in part, as an invitation to think about your role @ your own site.
In Jody's words, how does it feel possible to "grasp both awareness
of power relations and interactional possibility"? (p.63).

II. (2:30-3:40, Jody:) For today, not unrelatedly!, we asked you to read June Jordan's essay,
“Nobody Mean More to Me than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan,"
and to either mark a single sentence that you'd like us to discuss further,
or to write out a sentence of your own noting an idea or question that the text raises for you

please write your sentence or question on a note card now and pass it in
get up and organize yourselves into a carousel (like day 1, remember?)

end with reference again to that quote from Jody's chapter--
how does this apply?
how does it feel possible to "grasp both awareness
of power relations and interactional possibility"? (p.63).

III. (3:40, Anne): invitation for us to organize a session for Community Day of Learning,
to be held Wednesday, March 22 from 9:15 a.m. - 4 p.m.
the theme: “Minds and Bodies: Belonging in Our Communities"--
looking at the spoken and unspoken assumptions about belonging at Bryn Mawr,
or in other communities in which we take part, and how each of us helps
to define the nature of our communities. Jody and I thought that our
experience here, of moving out of campus, bringing our experiences
back to this class, could be the basis of a session. Are we interested?
If so, J&I will write up a proposal, run it by y'all, and we'll spend
some class time in the next month planning this...??