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Warm fuzzies and sadness

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(written last Friday, 4.22.17) I'm glowing from the class inside today. The students on the inside and the students from the outside worked together to create what was certainly the most productive, vibrant, honest class so far. The relationships we've formed and connections we've made this semester give me warm fuzzies, and I deeply value the work we've done about identity, jail, power, love, life....etc. However I'm saddened that this is our second to last class. I feel we've reached a new level of making meaning, and it pains me that it has to end just as we've reached this new layer of realness and power. And, as always, I'm angry and sad that my classmates on the inside are on the inside. That there even is an inside. So it goes...but hopefully that will change. Maybe this zine will help push that change closer? I don't know. I fervently hope so.