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Time-Traveling: Notes towards Week 3 Inside (Feb. 17)

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I. Welcome/sign in/name tags

II. (start by 1:30:) Introductions:
ask for names, the pronouns you like people to use when talking about you
(these identify one part of our identities: gender), and then 3 other words
you'd use to describe yourself. These can also be the usual identity
categories (gender, race, class, religion), but they could be other things, too:
personality, things you like to do...
So: name, pronouns, 3 other words to describe yourself!

III. Rules of engagement/terms of agreement:
handraising/not talking over each other/calling on each other;
be mindful of the energy in the room, & how you are contributing to it.

IV. We're 1/2 or 2/3 way through Octavia Butler's novel Kindred.
* What questions do you have about it?
(details of plot, character, bigger ideas....?)
* Focus in on the difference identity makes
in the experiences the characters are having
(race, class, gender, era...)
For example,
p. 97, Kevin: "This could be a great time to live
p. 100: Kevin and Dana argue about "minimizing the wrong"
p. 124, Rufus: " If I lived in your time, I would have married her. Or tried to."

V. (by 2:20): Writing
Write about a time when you felt you were experiencing something
differently than someone else, because of a difference in your identity.

Share some of this?

Talk about our further processing
--we all might go on
talking and writing outside this room, about what's happening in this room;
a normal thing we're all doing; our BMC class is writing about it every weekend,
we invite you all to keep on writing, too; to bring back that writing to share,
or to keep it for yourself.

VI. (by 2:40): conclude
* collect writing to be typed; Farida will return last week's.
* finish Kindred for next week, when we'll also have a new novel to give you
* go 'round w/ name tags and a word abt. how you're feeling as we close.