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Re-defining Realness: Notes towards Week 7 Inside (Mar. 24)

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I. (Anne) Welcome/sign in/name tags

II. (start by 1:30): Introductions
ask for names,
the pronouns you like people to use when talking about you
(explain again what this is and why?),
and (in anticipation of our new book, Redefining Realness)
describe a time when you felt "real" (?).

Review rules of engagement/terms of agreement:
handraising/not talking over each other/calling on each other;
be mindful of the energy in the room, & how you are contributing to it;
remember too that what's said here stays here. (Anything else?)

III. Last week,
we wrote about the cost of "seeking a better life."
One question that arose, as we shared our writing,
was "who is even allowed to have dreams."

Then we looked @ the ending of Persepolis--
which is sad, but which also shows us that Marjane's
family had the money and the connections to
support her dreams; they could send her to Europe,
where her rebelliousness would not be punished.

We'd like to start today by looking again @ this novel, pp. 36-39,
where someone else's dreams were disallowed:
those of the aid who worked for Marjane's family.

What do you notice?

Note here both that there was a "joining" (in bed),
and an attack (by someone who wanted to protect them).

IV. Write for 10 minutes, about dream/desire you have,
about something you want to do. What are some things
that might help you get there? Who are some people
who might help you with this/join with you here?

* Share your story with a neighbor; then listen to hers.

* The 2 of you think together, now, about
ways a dream can be turned into action.

* Come back to larger group: what are we
learning about that process, of making
dreams come true?

IV. Turning now to Redefining Realness,
which touches on some of these issues.

Initial reactions?

Two possible passages we could read together, and discuss:
p. 16, from "When I look back at my childhood" to "It add values to it."
pp. 21-22, from "You're not supposed to wear dresses" to "complex life experiences."

V. (by 3:05) conclude
* return writing from past few weeks??
* collect the new pieces from this week??
* pass box, collect nametags and a word