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Praxis Reflection 2/5

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This week I spent the majority of the visit sorting through poetry again. This time, I felt a sense of accomplishment because I finally sorted through all the poetry and sorted them into folders in alphabetical order by their first names. Unless they have more poems to add to the book, I think we're probably going to really start making electronic copies of all the poems soon and figuring out how we are going to publish the book. 

We talked with S about possible Saturday workshops in the prison, and we decided on Saturday the 18th after we return from break. T, J, and S all had some thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for us on how we could lead the workshop and what we could do. We really want to make it a fun and happy workshop, hopefully to bring some fun into their lives in the prison.
We also talked about the possibility of joining them this upcoming Friday, even though we're on break, to some sort of interview session in center city with a lot of other people working in nonprofits. I'm really appreciating all the opportunities they're offering us and how inclusive they are with us, this praxis site feels like it's a great introduction into nonprofit work