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Persepolis: Notes towards Week 6 Inside (Mar. 17)

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I. (Anne) Welcome/sign in/name tags

II. (start by 1:30): Introductions
ask for names,
the pronouns you like people to use when talking about you
(explain again what this is and why?),
and describe a (possible or impossible) wish

Review rules of engagement/terms of agreement:
handraising/not talking over each other/calling on each other;
be mindful of the energy in the room, & how you are contributing to it;
remember too that what's said here stays here. (Anything else?)

III. (Dani) Pick up where we stopped two weeks ago:

handed out copies of Persepolis (any one need one?)
initial reactions? -> any thing or any part in particular
you want to be sure we talk about before we're done?
{write these down to get back to by the end]

* (by 1:45) read p. 102 together: what do we see?

* Write for 10 minutes, about a time when you were seeking a better life
(="a key to paradise"), but it came @ a price (that is,
it affected you or others negatively).

* Share your story with a neighbor; then listen to hers.

* The 2 of you think together, now, 
about the relationship of your two stories
do they share common ground, disagree, complexify each other?
Do they support a larger picture/trend/claim?

* (Jody, by 2:15) Come back together: what are we learning about
the relationship between individual dreams and
the larger world? Might some people's dreams have
bigger "prices" than others?
(keep the sharing @ this larger level)

IV. (Anne, by 2:30) Read aloud together all of Section 13,
"The Key" (pp. 94-102): lead-up to the page we started with.
Each person read one frame.
After reading two pages, stop & ask what we're noticing.

V. (Jody, by 2:45) Before concluding, try to address as many
other questions as possible (with a promise to return
to these next week, if needed).

IX. (by 3:05) conclude
* return writing from past few weeks;
* collect the new pieces from this week
* hand out copies of Redefining Realness
* pass box, collect nametags and a word--another wish??