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Notes from Thursday Panel

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On Thursday a social worker from the women's facility came to talk to us and answer questions. For those that couldn't make the class, I will share some of my notes. These are unedited, but I will try to provide some clarification for those who aren't me. Keep in mind this isn't nearly all of what we discussed though. 

Social Work with the main focus of 

  • referrals - connecting the inside out 
  • connection with children 

literacy is one of the number one issues- shame, depression, anger, isolation, manipulation 

only 12 seats in "basic" instruction 

hamster wheel (cycle)

Facility can hold 700 people, in 2010 832 people were there, but since then the population has been decreasing because of diversionary sentencing (prostitution no longer resulting in incarceration, marijuana laws changing)

employers which hire former inmates- comcast, shoprite, verizon- under obama there was a tax break given to those who hired those with felonies


empower those who are incarcerated to document instances of inhumane treatment through grievance forms

CO training is 10wks, GED/diploma only, no felonies

  • have you killed animals?
  • have you had suicidal thoughts?

there is an inmate handbook- laws, literacy

orienation service

F (from our class) asked about a program in which women with degrees can have the opportunity to teach others.