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Jam Sesh

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How do you draw a soul leaving a body?

I didn't have the vision, but I was asked to do it anyway.

Like this? 

No. More round at the top.

What about this?

No, darker around the edges. You ever play Pacman?

The dynamic was different at the prison this time round--more guys, two of which we hadn't seen last time. One of them had this need to constantly have that attention, the kid that always wanted to go last because they thought their ideas were the best, their drawing was the coolest, their story the most engaging. '

I felt more like a school teacher: writing on the white board, explaining games, pitching in on a drawing. 

Normally, I would feel more at ease in this position, but I didn't like it at all, then. 

And it ended so abruptly. No time to manage. 

Pink stairs--because they're women. Duh.

A beautiful mural on the Outside at the back of the building "where no one can f**king see it."

Whose idea was that? Rage.

Art and Self-Empowerment. 

Is self-empowerment activism?

Did she feel any empowerment playing cards? Did she feel the same gratification as I did after a game of Uno? Did it matter at all?


Is self-empowerment gratifying?

Is the human connection "Art?"

"To say goodbye...for the summer."

Gotta keep going back.

They'll keep setting bails higher.

They'll keep perpetuating those thorn-inducing phone calls. 

And we'll be...where?

Making more beats, jamming loud. Maybe. Maybe that's something for now.