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Getting Visual: Notes towards Week 5 Inside (Mar. 3)

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I. (Martina) Welcome/sign in/name tags

II. (Farida or Jody? start by 1:30): Introductions
ask for names,
the pronouns you like people to use when talking about you
(explain what this is and why),
and describe something that you love.

Review rules of engagement/terms of agreement:
handraising/not talking over each other/calling on each other;
be mindful of the energy in the room, & how you are contributing to it;
remember too that what's said here stays here. (Anything else?)

III. (Anne) Pick up where we stopped last week:
finished our discussion of Kindred,
handed out copies of Persepolis (any one need one?)

we wrote about our own experiences of love and abuse,
which led to some big/hard questions about
why there is slavery,
why people discriminate against other people--
esp. here, where the COs flex their power--and/but
where some of us have still found a way forward,
a way to go home...

were there other questions, that folks
asked then, or want to add now?

IV. (Farida?) we want to start today

in the place of those questions,
with an essay by Audre Lorde,
"The Transformation of Silence Into Language and Action"--
read aloud

What are your reactions?

V. let's write in response to Lorde's question:
"what are the words you do not yet have?
what do you need to say?"

VI. share some of these

VII. (Dani or Jody?)
we won't be here next week (on spring break);

good time to pause, check in:
how's it been going here?
what do you think of the kinds of books we're reading?
kinds of writing we've been doing?
what would you like/need?
what it would be useful for you to do/read/write?

what have been offering that you are finding useful?
what are we not offering?
what else might we be doing together?
(Do we want to discuss Persepolis?)
(Shall we select a new book?)

VIII. (Anne) Persepolis:
also the story of a woman
who decided not to be silent, and to do so
in pictures!
initial responses?
read a couple of panels together??

IX. (Jody) conclude
* return last week's writing; collect the new pieces from this week
* we will not be here next week; week after we'll finish Persepolis
* pass box, collect nametags and an image?