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Final work descriptions

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Note:  These are both due the last day to turn in work:  May 6 for seniors, May 12 for everyone else.


1.  Web event #3:  What is literacy?  How will you enact it?


Your final ‘web event’ can be an action, e.g. the zine for RCF contributors, the poster and event planning for YASP contributors. 


In this case, please also include a reflection (approx. 2 pp.) on the process and meaning of this action from your perspective.  Here are some prompts to use if/as helpful:  Why did you/your group choose to pursue this action, and to shape it as you did (or will, for the YASP future action)?  What have you learned from the process, and what questions do you still have?  How would you describe your intentions or hopes, that is, what do you hope will come out of this action?




Your final ‘web event’ can also be a paper – a research paper, an analytical essay, an essay inflected with experience, some combination of these… (approx. 5-8 pp.).  Feel free to run your ideas by me if/as helpful.



2.  Self-assessment:


Please write a brief reflection (approx. 2 pp.) on what you brought to your Praxis and your academic work in these classes, and what you are taking away from your experiences.  What aspects of your own work do you most value? Feel free to also include what your classmates have brought to your learning.  Finally, in what ways do you envision carrying your work forward into your life on and/or off campus?