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Emotional fatigue

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I took this course for a reason. I want to get into the depth of these topics--literacy, privilege, school to prison pipeline, racial violence...the list goes on. I want to try to understand the issues, in all their complexity, of the society I live in. No doubt, I'm at the beginning. I've got a lot of learning ahead. Unsettling Literacy is part of that learning.

At the same time, it can be hard not to wonder about hope. When I spend most of my academic energy trying to open my eyes to gritty parts of our society's effed up systems, hope seems out of reach at times. 

I recently attended an activism workshop, where I was reminded that, "you're not the first to do this work, and you won't be the last. You don't have to do everything in your lifetime."


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I think maybe it's important to remind yourself that everything changes constantly. Where we are and where we are going is always changing and there's always going to be more you want to learn and can learn. I'd second what the activism workshop told you; it's okay not to do everything and it's okay not to always know the answer. I think that wanting to know already puts you on a more engaged level than many in our country (Though I wish that would change), and as long as you keep trying, I don't think you'll fail.