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On Being Real: Notes towards Week 8 Inside (Apr. 7)

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(ask DJ about shift change)

I. Welcome/sign in/name tags

II. (start by 1:30): Introductions
ask for names,
the pronouns you like people to use when talking about you
(explain again what this is and why?),
and (in relation to our book, Redefining Realness)
describe a time when you felt "real" (?).

Review rules of engagement/terms of agreement:
handraising/not talking over each other/calling on each other;
be mindful of the energy in the room, & how you are contributing to it;
remember too that what's said here stays here. (Anything else?)

(Amanda) Share idea of zine/collection of our writings, drawings, other writings we like… 
Is this something people want to do?  If so, bring writings etc to share.  Other questions:  How broadly?  Names?

III. Last week, we weren't able to meet (due to Chill Out! graduation)
the week before,
we finished talking about Persepolis
and we wrote about ours dreams and desires,
about something we wanted to do, what might help 
us get there, who might help us with this/join with us here?

Then we turned to Redefining Realness,
which touches on some of these issues. Janet Mock also shares some of the ways
she’s taken care of herself on her journey, which can be especially challenging
in certain times and situations.

Read aloud on p. 135, beg. w/’When she graduated" to "a dramatic shift in our adolescence.”

IV. Write for ten min. about ways you do self-care, here and/or outside,
and about resources that help you with this.  Think widely about this:
it might involve doing something kind for yourself,
it might involve speaking up, acting out, or some other action…

Share stories and strategies with a partner.

Full group:  what resources might be helpful for whatever
transitions you might be approaching? 
(We’ll gather resources if and as we can.)

V. The phrase ‘self-care’ seems to suggest that we know ourselves,
and that the "self" is one thing, but one of things this book does/
what it’s about is showing us how complicated/fluid the self can be.
Let’s look at one place where Janet Mock talks about this—

What does it mean to be "real"?
from top of p. 116: "describes 'realness' for trans women...
as being 'undetectable' to the 'untrained' or 'trained.' Simply,
realness is the ability to be seen as heteronormative, to assimilate,
to not be read as other or deviate from the norm. 'Realness' means
you are extraordinary in your embodiment of what society deems normative."

V. (by ??): conclude
* return writing from past few weeks??
* collect the new pieces from this week??
* pass box, collect nametags and a word