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Becoming Literate About Prison: Notes Towards Day 2 (Wed, Jan. 18)

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I. Jody: Begin with writing:
reactions to Brian Stephenson, Introduction: “Higher Ground,” and/or Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, “Ava DuVernay's 13th Reframes American History”
pair to discuss...

II. Viewing 13th

III. Anne: Conversation about the film
(introducing Brian Stephenson, Angela Davis; other scholar-activists such as Michelle Alexander, Van Jones)
our own re-introductions...
pair (with someone else; turn the other way?) to discuss

share with large group: what stood out for you/what questions do you have?
what are some of the things we want to be learning together this semester?

IV. Jody: for tomorrow: Becoming literate about literacy

Paulo Freire, "The Importance of the Act of Reading," trans. Loretta Slover. Brazilian Congress of Reading, Campinas, Brazil. November 1981. Rpt. Journal of Education 165, 1 (Winter 1983): 5-11: /exchange/files/freire.pdf

5-minute video interview with Daniel Jansen on “Bio-illiteracy”, Discovering the Genome, University of Pennsylvania, 2017: