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Intro to Hummingbird

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Hi everyone! I'm a current senior at Bryn Mawr. I've been doing TLI partnerships since my first semester Sophomore year– so this is the end of my third year doing this work. Several of my partnerships have been with 360s, but this year I'm excited to be doing a more typical one-on-one partnership. My major is called "Educational Identities and Empowering Pedagogy." My quick way of explaining it is: "It's kind of a merging of Education and Identity Studies." My longer way of explaining it is: "I'm interested in the way student identities can best be supported in classroom spaces. How do we make schools inclusive communities? How do we support a broad range of backgrounds?" My major was actually built around my work in TLI! 

I'm excited to make use of this space and connect with other people interested in this partnership work. Looking forward to meeting everyone else!