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Kettlebottom Notes

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*7- "us that picks up the pieces"-- literally and figuratively; body pieces that remain after an explosion

*16- "The rocks down here, they don't expect nobody to love them"

*22-23: remember to look up what a dago boy is...

*27- "three tablespoons of sugar and turpentine"-- good for a chest cold... I'm thinking maybe for a miners cough?

*pg 50- upside down bucket= strike/kettlebottom... gesture that gives a signal, sets in motion a timeline of events--- important that the death of Natan, which we read through in the middle part, is the catalyst for this gesture

*58- remember to look up God's parable...

*60- "I am on the side of the trees" --- thinking ecologically... what if we eventually read exile and pride in this class?

*65- "I conclude that it is better to be curst by a husband like a farmer... then it is to be loved by a husband like Orpheus"

*69- Uses his grammer error/mispelling as wordplay in the phrases: "you're history/ your history"-- one suggesting that YOU will be history and the other suggesting that this history is yours, as in the possessive sense

*70- "Truth" vs "Fact"--- it is the fact that childbirth killed her but it is the truth that this was only possible because no one came to help, enabling her death... redefining realness...

*74- "...She just/ turned it over, trying to turn the bad luck"

*78- "What I know is wrote on the wall" --- Samson --- also something here about walls...

*79- we could look at how religion plays part in this book...