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Post 3

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One component, at my placement, that I have been continuously impressed by is technology. Each student has a computer and most of the projects are heavily technology based. The use of paper seems foreign to these students. If computers weren’t enough, each student seems to have some type of smart phone. In the class that I supervise, every assignment that I have seen them produce has been submitted though an electronic drop box. My question is, how do teachers control the usage of the devices? How they draw the line between appropriate and excessive?

Field Post 3

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Throughout my time at my field placement I have thought more about classroom management. As highlighted from one of the speakers at our panel discussion, discipline in the classroom is highly emphasized throughout the entire school. She made it clear that she personally thought it was necessary to establish a sense of control in the classroom before it was possible to effectively teach students. In my placement classroom, I have seen a similar model being employed. The classroom management style a teacher employs really dictates the atmosphere of the classroom and the relationship they can develop with the students. In my placement classroom students would be expected to sit silently for most of the class, working independently.