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Spring fling

Community Strength and School Success

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I've really noticed throughout the readings for this class that when the community around a school is strong (Kirp, McKilip, Lee & Hawkins) the school tends to be very successful and vice cersa. When schools are closed in communities, this negatively affects the community by taking away a safe place for the neighborhood children, jobs for adults in the community, and a resource for families.

Respeto - How do cultural notions affect city schools?

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I was really interested in the idea that Kirp brings up several times throughout the book of "respeto", or respect, as he mentions pertaining to the school. While Union City has its fair share of gangs, violence and other crime, Kirp makes it clear that schools are not considered a risky place - they have no metal detectors, drug dogs, or anything like that in their schools. Gangs stay away, and fights at school are few and far between. Coming off of just having gotten home after my placement where these problems are more present, it makes me wonder why this idea of 'respeto' is so strong in Union City, and not necessarily in all city schools. I personally think it may have something to do with community strength.